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Since 2012
In 2012, C’est Beau was pretty much a story of a porch, some whisky, old skateboards and a handle jigsaw. it was all about transforming old skateboards destined to be thrown out and turning them into new cruisers.

Quickly distributed in 8 shops, Raphaël notices two things: the popularity for environmental friendly handcrafted products, and also, to which extent the artisans, like himself, can have difficulties competing against the international brands.

A solution was quickly required: creating an online shop which would bring all the talents from here within just one place.

And that's how C’est Beau was born.


Halfway between charm and functionality, design relaxes and inspires creativity. Being surrounded by it can only be beneficial.

A handcrafted product, designed and created in its finest details, is a durable product which we keep and pass on, instead of having to throw it away and buy another one.

Knowing the origin of the products we consume is priceless for various reasons: economically, ecologically and socially. And we take pride in providing this transparency.

Meeting the needs of our current lives without compromising the ability for future generations to answer their own


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