The podcast Une conversation avec Drowster/ (A Conversation with Drowster) consists of exchanges between documentary photographer Drowster and dedicated individuals from and serving Quebec culture.
S2 E012 - Alicia Moffet

Mostly known for his engaging portraits taken in Quebec, Asia and the Middle East, Drowster has been collaborating and is a close friend of C'est beau since the very beginning. Sharing the same desire to democratize Quebec's know-how, it was only natural for C'est beau to produce the podcast directly in its offices in the heart of Mile-Ex.

Alicia Moffet is a Canadian singer-songwriter who recently released her album Intertwine in 2022. She has already achieved a platinum record for her song Ciel in collaboration with Fouki and a gold record for her song Lullaby. In addition to her successful musical career, Alicia will host the 2023 season of Occupation Double alongside Frédérick Robichaud. With her unique style and natural charisma, she is an artist who inspires and captivates her fans with her talent and personality.

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Host / Director: Drowster
Art director: Rosalie Deschênes-Grégoire
Graphic designer: Rosalie Deschênes-Grégoire
Motion designer: Charles Desmarais 
Cameraman/editor: Phil Rouleau
Sound technician: Dominic Remiro 
Studio coordinator: Léonie Hottote 
Producers: Guillaume Laprise et Raphaël Ricard
Production: C'est beau 

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