The podcast Une conversation avec Drowster consists of exchanges between documentary photographer Drowster and dedicated individuals from and serving Quebec culture.
S2 E020 - Kam Vachon

Mostly known for his engaging portraits taken in Quebec, Asia and the Middle East, Drowster has been collaborating and is a close friend of C'est beau since the very beginning. Sharing the same desire to democratize Quebec's know-how, it was only natural for C'est beau to produce the podcast directly in its offices in the heart of Mile-Ex.

Kam Vachon is a photographer and videographer. She specializes in lifestyle, travel and commercial photography. In the past, she has collaborated with Arc'Teryx, Altitude Sports and Ultimate Ears, among others.

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Host / Director: Drowster
Art director: Rosalie Deschênes-Grégoire
Graphic designer: Rosalie Deschênes-Grégoire
Motion designer: Charles Desmarais 
Cameraman/editor: Phil Rouleau
Sound technician: Dominic Remiro 
Studio coordinator: Léonie Hottote 
Producers: Guillaume Laprise et Raphaël Ricard
Production: C'est beau 

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