BESIDE- nº11
BESIDE- nº11
BESIDE- nº11
BESIDE- nº11

BESIDE- nº11

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We often have the impression of being subjected to time, as if it were a linear and implacable force. Yet, there are other ways to experience it - as BESIDE shows in this issue

  • 176 pages
  • Published on November 9, 2021
  • Made in Montreal
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New Times

There is the time of seasons and harvests, of rocks and trees, of rituals and traditions; there is the time we spend bonding, the time we save, and the time we waste brilliantly. What if, in order to change the world, we had to start by re-enchanting our relationship with time?.


Founded in Montreal in 2016, BESIDE is an editorial content development platform that stands at the crossroads of nature and culture. The bi-annual magazine publishes personal essays, stories happening in the field, and ideas that help us find our place in the world.