BESIDE - nº9
BESIDE - nº9
BESIDE - nº9
BESIDE - nº9

BESIDE - nº9

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The ninth issue explores the ways in which we (re)define ourselves, from Montreal to Iqaluit and all the way through Stockholm, with a focus on Nordicity. And it shows how much we still have to learn from those who live in the North.

  • 160 pages
  • Published on November 19,2020
  • Made in Montreal
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How to live our Nordicity

Living according to the seasons. Encouraging local farming. Living a simpler life. Learning to read the nature around us, in the city and in the forest. Many of our aspirations are linked to our desire to reconnect with our territory. What if Nordicity could embody this way of life? What if it could infuse our daily lives with precious reference points in the face of the current crises: slowness, presence, sense of community?


Founded in Montreal in 2016, BESIDE is an editorial content development platform that stands at the crossroads of nature and culture. The bi-annual magazine publishes personal essays, stories happening in the field, and ideas that help us find our place in the world.