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Dînette magazine

Eating to appreciate the beauty of the world

Dînette is a world of discoveries, recipes, beautiful pictures, unexpected reports, illustrations and interviews. With an hedonist eye, the magazine explores the food world through encounters and getaways.

Dînette plunges the reader into a world where food is a medium for expressing spontaneity. We do not eat just because we have to, we eat because it's a way to appreciate the beauty of the world.

"We wanted to explore culinary universes from several points of view, which were not necessarily ours!"

The Dînette team is Mathieu, the chief editor and photographer of the recipes and Hélène, the editor and artistic director of the magazine. The product has quietly morphed into a rich and personalized piece of marketing content punctuated with recipes.

583 rue Duferin
Granby, QC

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