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Pieces carefully balanced between rigidity and fluidity.

Dompierre offers modern ceramic objects with refined designs, without being insensitive. The human print is always felt through his ceramics, she pays particular attention to the experience that people will have in contact with her pieces.

Dompierre pieces are carefully balanced between the organic and the structure, she tries to preserve the harmony between the warmth of the manual work and the purified design.

'' Honestly I think we're always inspired by what surrounds us. Life inspires, we hang on to certain details.''

Coming from a visual arts background, Marie-Eve Dompierre studies and designs each of the lines and shapes of her pieces. She feels the need to touch and manipulate her medium to feel a connection with it, and that's what led her to the world of ceramic sculpture.

7783 rue Querbes
Montréal, Qc, Canada

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