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Thank god for the sense of smell

Flambette is a company creating scented products such as crackling candles, ambient mists and scented soaps. These are entirely handmade, composed of healthy and natural ingredients recognized for their exceptional quality.

Flambette's fragrances have been chosen with care for their character, which is both unexpected and familiar, but also totally addictive. What makes them even more endearing? They are infused with a good dose of love.

Living in the moment.

Because after all,

What's the point of hurrying?

Treating yourself with Flambette is a promise to enjoy time. "We gave ourselves a mission," explains Marie-Michelle. We want people to take time for themselves. Nowadays, we are always running, we want them to relax. It's so nice to go home and be able to get a little more natural light when it's already dark outside.

Flambette est originaire de Trois-Rivières, créée par deux designers de profession, Tania et Marie-Michelle. Artistes dans l’âme, habiles de leurs mains et en constante conquête de beau et de bon, il allait de soi de créer un produit aussi esthétique que réconfortant. C’est en octobre 2016 que la flamme fut allumée et loin de s'éteindre.

1524 rue Notre-Dame Centre
Trois-Rivières, QC
G9A 4X6

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