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For Whiskey lovers

Lithologie is the story of a stone passionnate, and a designer. The meeting spawned a company offering, at first, whiskey rocks of the highest quality. Their project was inspired by nature and their common and unconditional passion for the territory and its many riches. Lithologie Whiskey Cubes are the best tableware to consume your favorite amber spirits!

Lithologie is the nature of the rocks forming an object, a set, or a geological layer. This term reflects the merger of their respective areas, which is: design and geology and the development of objects from stones that we make. The term was chosen voluntarily in French for its charm and precision. The addition of layers of stories as a slogan gives the brand a scientific richness that is found in each of the sets through the certificate of authenticity of the stone and in the manner of describing the products.

Kim & Stéphane, the two founders, wanted to create a local product with materials from here while telling the story of the stones of our precious territory. Operating in the greatest respect for our environment, they manufacture everything by hand. They even extract the rock themselves on the mountainside. Wanting to create synergy, they chose to work only with local products and manufacturers.

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Montréal, Qc

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