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Marlone Montréal

Creative alchemy

Marlone Montreal is an independent design agency specializing in inspiration, visual identity and branding. With a multidisciplinary and personalized approach, Marlone accompanies its clients to help them build consistent and attractive brand identities.

Marlone was born from the meeting of Céline, consultant hearing, and Mélody, artistic director. These passionate fashion and design, quickly decide to embark on a common adventure. Their will: to make a mark all-round, for young and old, they will grow according to their desires of the moment.

Quite quickly, they wondered what they preferred in the projects they lead. The answer was undoubtedly the ideation. For this reason, they have also set up their own collection, Marlone Montreal 2.0 which is a showcase of their know-how, their tastes and their sense of aesthetics.

An endless creative approach

Celine comes from the fields of fashion and Melody of graphic design and illustration. They each have expertise in trend research. For both women, support is a means of expression, it's the step that allows them to fully explore their creativity.

Marlone Montréal
5886 rue Saint-Vallier
Montreal, Qc

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