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Nouveau Projet

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Nouveau Projet is a culture and society magazine that aims to be the publication of new texts, treated and likely to allow us to better understand the issues of our time and lead a more balanced, satisfying and meaningful life .

Nouveau Projet is a semi-annual French-language publication of general interest launched in Montreal in 2012. It aims to offer Quebecers a high-quality magazine featuring the best writers, thinkers and visual artists. The magazine seeks to inspire and nurture public discussion, while posing a curious, sincere, in-depth look at our time.

Nouveau Projet is a magazine published by Atelier 10, company founded in 2011 by Nicolas Langelier and Jocelyn Maclure. The company has been broadcasting its magazine since 2012, which has received numerous awards over the years, including the title of Canadian magazine of the year at the National Magazine Awards in 2015, in addition to podcasts of all kinds.

Support progressive forces at the social and cultural levels to contribute to a vibrant and creative society

Atelier 10
156 Beaubien Est,
Montréal, QC

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