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C'est Beau, Beaubien

Barely a year after the opening of our first store, the need for office space is felt. In August we find the perfect local on rue Beaubien, a former doctor's office that badly needed love! The goal: Convert it into a hybrid space, mixing desk and small shop.

As in 2019 we focus on updating our website, the added value of this local is definitely the huge basement, perfect for storing and handling online orders.

Again, we entrusted the design to our friends IVYSTUDIO and we take care ourselves to achieve the entire work.

Just like our first shop, all furnishings have been designed and built in Montreal with unusual materials, reflecting the audacity found at the heart of C’est Beau’s identity. The design is unique each by the forms and materials, punctuating the space with various colors.

The central blue carpet covered display sequences the shop, suggesting a course for the client.

A variety of geometric volumes separates the space and defines distinct zones. These different modules are used to display the products as well as create visual barriers between separate areas.

We wanted a space that integrated their offices into the boutique. The offices are placed in the back of the store in order to best showcase the various locally made products.

  • Type : Commercial
  • Architecture & design : IVYSTUDIO
  • Construction & furniture : C'est Beau
  • Localisation : Rosemont, La-Petite-patrie
  • Photographe : Jack Jérome
  • Texte : Gabrielle Rousseau

Nop, we're not afraid of getting dirty hands


L : Closed
M-M : 12h00 at 17h00
J-V : 11h00 at 20h00
S-D : 11h00 at 18h00

300 rue Beaubien Est, Montréal

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