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C'est Beau, Montreal

It's in the middle of summer 2017 that we decided to make the big leap: move our office from the Grover building to settle in a storefront formula in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. A nice 1200 square feet space, perfect for centralizing our activities.

At the entrance, you will find the discovery section of the store, a sharp selection of our products and a space dedicated to events, tastings and new products. At the end of the first floor is located our office, where we manage the website and business. Finally, our basement welcomes the complete inventory of products available for web orders.

A space designed from A to Z in Quebec by our friends and architects Phil and Gab also known as IVYSTUDIO. To us, it was essential that Quebec know-how be displayed in a 100% made-in boutique, up to furniture and accessories. No hard feelings Sweden. Here are some words from the architects on the project!

As you approach the address, you quickly notice the pine tree logo cut out of a long cream-coloured sign, which also contains the brand’s name in its original handwritten font. The store’s interior glows through its entirely glazed façade, with its immaculate white walls and contrasting rough concrete floor and structural beam.

The shop’s layout was designed according to the various categories offered: a spacious table at the center of the room for kitchen items, a series of frosted shelves for care products, a variety of arch-shaped mirrors for jewellery, a living room area with a velvet couch and long shelves for books and magazines as well as a few round shelves at the entrance displaying the selected featured items.

The all-black counter stands out in this environment not only with its colour but also with the textures found in the stained wooden rods and natural marble countertop. Finally, a variety of hanging plants lower the high ceilings in certain areas while adding liveliness and colour to the decor.

Contrasted with some unique color-mass pieces, the pure white scenery of the room is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful objects displayed.

Gros chantier, petite boutique...

  • Location : 1556 Av. Mont-Royal, Montréal.
  • Architect : OBIEKT
  • Team : Phil Staszewski & Gabrielle Rousseau
  • Facade: Constructions 2L
  • Photography : Jack Jérôme

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