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House on Lac Grenier

"Our clients have owned this property for a number of years. They know it well and love its varied features. They were looking for a sustainable and site-sensitive project that would preserve its topography, vegetation, and natural appearance."

Paul Bernier Architect

Inside, visitors are greeted by a large hickory wall unit, shaped to offer seating and a place to hang away coats. It also directs one toward the living space, a large, generously-lit area that culminates in a cantilevered, screened room with a view of the mouth of the stream and the lake. On the south side, the exterior wall makes way for a large glazed surface that opens onto the forest.

During summer, the trees, like the green roof, create a natural screen to shield the house from heat. In winter when the leaves have fallen, sunlight filters through the forest and floods the space with warmth and light.

A low-profile, primarily single-storey building. Its meandering shape is determined by the opportunities offered by the surrounding landscape.

With time, as the cedar slats fade and the trees and ground cover grow back in around the building, architecture and nature will intermingle. Nature will also be invited to cover the building itself, thanks to its green roof. Seen from the rooftop study or the hill, the structure will blend into its natural environment.

  • Location: Lac Grenier, Ville D’Estérel, Québec
  • Architecture: Paul Bernier architect
  • Architectural team: Paul Bernier, Anick Thibeault
  • Structure: Calculatec Inc. / Engineer: Alain Mousseau
  • Contractor: Léonald Goyette, general contractor
  • Completed: June 2014
  • Photographer: Adrien Williams
  • Source: Paul Bernier architecte / v2com

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