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Le café Pista

  • Already 3 months since our new store/office has opened in Rosemont and we discover the neighborhood day after day. 3 minutes walk away from the shop, here is Café Pista, our favorite place to start the day. *

In the spring of 2016, le Café Pista opened the doors of its local, a beautiful space, bathed in light, designed by Guyon's workshop team, proudly standing under turquoise gables at the corner of Beaubien and Saint streets. -Vallier. It is in a charming space of about forty places that the design of the coffeehouse takes place.

*"I was the first to visit this local, and for a year I called the owner every week." *

explains the owner, Maxime Richard. To see the places, we understands.

« Un café de quartier, des brunchs inspirés des aliments du marché, un partenaire ludique pour vos événements ou un espace pour vos soirées privées. »

The ** Café Pista ** serves a carefully crafted coffee, from the farm to the cup. By going to Pista, we discover a unique coffee, of different origin each day. there is also, since more recently, a delicious brunch menu. Really a delightful little address, full of charm, which, like its owner, is certainly at the dawn of a bright future.

What is remarkable is that originally it was a mobile coffee. An eco-bike, serving ground coffee, named ** Pista**, was born and rolled through the festivals, public markets and other popular gatherings of Montreal during its first years of life. Now, the idea has been transferred to a beautiful local that is to be our (almost) neighbors.


  • L-V: 7h30 à 19h00
  • S-D: 8h00 à 19h00
  • CUISINE: 9h00 à 15h00

500 rue Beaubien Est, Montréal

Photos: Les ateliers Guyons
Sources: Tastet, Nightlife

Café Pista

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