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You know what we love! Objects that have a soul, tell a story. We have come across an inspiring documentary, Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things. It meets our values. Here's a little glimpse.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, the makers of this outstanding documentary, raise the question of our relationship to consumerism. Are we much happier when we consume more?

The accumulation of goods has become the real motor of the 21st century. Conscious of this great absolute nonsense which often takes us away from the most important things in our lives, Joshua and Ryan, have realised that the American dream is not all what it seems.

"Let's love people, let's use things. The opposite never works".

So they produced this documentary to show the importance of reconsidering our way of living and to offer an alternative: the minimalist way of life. Basically, it is living more simply, by reducing our possessions to keep only the essential.

It’s when his mother passed away that Joshua realised that the legacy of all these objects were a burden to bear. He decided to challenge himself by getting rid of an object per day and thus began to practice "the art of letting go". Today, he only has 288 material goods.

"I learned that by simplifying my life, I had time to take care of my health, my friends, my money, my passions, that I could concentrate on myself in a way which makes sense ", explains Joshua Fields Millburn in a TEDx conference."

So, let's retain the essence of this documentary. "Let's love people, let's use things. The opposite never works". Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things shows us the way to an inner path filled with immaterial goods.

And you, how many objects do you possess?

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