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Sombrio Beach, BC


"Two surfboards, a camping tent, some canned goods, cold beers and a fire pit is all we wanted."

Here we present to you the adventure of one our great pal Vincent Malo and his friend Antoine Caron Cabana. They visited Sombrio Beach for a surfing and camping trip. Here is their epic weekend in the wilderness !

Sombrio Beach is an isolated part of the Vancouver island and is very popular amongst surfers. My friend Antoine and I had a long weekend ahead and finally decided to pack up our camping gear to visit this mythical spot. When arriving in Port Renfrew we packed up on groceries at the only general store of the area. It took us 3 hours by car and 2 hours on the ferry to get to Parc Juan De Fuca, the entrance door to Sombrio Beach. The air was salty and we came across numerous signs that warned us of the unfriendly bears of the area.

The trail could make the unprepared change their minds as it is a treacherous and slippery road. When you get a first glimpse at the ocean through the trees, you know the hard part of the trip is almost done. The reward to this muddy and dangerous quest in the woods is dope : Sombrio Beach is like no other place!

The beach looks like a postal card of the West coast, with dramatic cliff and trees everywhere. It's like your favorite panorama on Tumblr but with a cold breeze on your face. We settled our camping site in the middle of the baie, popped a beer and got a fire going. The view is pretty and all but the cold hits hard.

The next morning, the warmth of the coffee gets you pumped to put on your wetsuit and the tackle the cold waves. The rest of the days we enjoyed life, admired sunsets and fell asleep under the stars. Live, enjoy, repeat.

"Try and stay focuse on monday morning at the office."

  • Credits: Antoine Caron Cabana
  • Narator: Vincent Malo
  • We would like to thank: Shaper Studios, Taiga, Pacific Pilsner

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