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Vincent Gagnon

Vincent Gagnon is the co-founder of Meuble2go, a huge online plateform where you can buy furniture, mattresses and affordable home decor. His drives to revitalize an industry that he saw as outdated. Thus, he followed his family's footstep and launched his own business not too long ago. Even if his life gets pretty busy, he always enjoys spending his weekends outdoors on the mountain. We followed him on Mont Royal to chat a bit about his source of motivation. He also seems to be enjoyin his new beanie!

An entrepreneur can generally easily handle stress...The light was running out as we hit the top of the mountain so we decided to ask him a bliz of questions. "Here we go, Vincent, you have 1 minute to answer all of these, no time to think to much!" Here is the quick Q&A result.

« When you're on the road, you stop at McDonald or A&W ? ...Lafleur! »

CB: Vince, what motivated you to start your own business ?
I never really saw myself being in this business actually. I had this desire to revitalize the industry of the brown tie salesman and it got me where I am today. That and I wanted to open up an online boutique where the customer's experience is spot on, like we comonly see around the world.

CB: What is the hardest part of your job ?
Eeeeeeeeeee...Managing my stress

CB: If you had a tip for someone who wants to launch their business?
I have two. Don't stay too long infront of your drawing board and surround yourself with a good team.

CB: If you had another business to launch, what would it be ?
I have many ideas. Probably something that involves playing outside!

CB: Ok, I have an easy one for you : Do you drive a Car2Go?
Nop! But I have a Meuble2Go car!

CB: Your first job?
Ski instructor.

CB: After a long week of hardwork you... ?
Make myself an Old Fashioned, duh!

CB: Outdoor camping or cottage?
Camping with food cooking on the fire.

CB: The ideal brunch spot for a sunday morning with your girl ?
Without a doubt : Dépanneur Café on Benard.

CB: When you're on the road, McDonalds or A&W?
... The Lafleur!

CB: Lafleur, good choice! It was a trick question!
Awesome, thanks Vince!

  • Portrait: Vincent Gagnon
  • Location: Mont-Royal, Montréal, QC.
  • Photo credit: Kevin Millet

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