Cocktail kit - Mini Collection
Cocktail kit - Mini Collection

Cocktail kit - Mini Collection

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The Mini Collection is a kit of syrup concentrate that is meant to be mixed with sparkling water to create cocktails and mocktails! A kit makes up to 12-15 drinks.

  • 3 x 120mL Mixers + 1 x 5mL Bitter
  • Appletini / Mint and Basil Smash / Kimchi Caesar
  • 12 à 15 cocktails
  • Made in Montréal
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Mini collection
  • Made only of natural ingredients. Infusion of kola nuts in organic citrus and spice essential oils.
  • Appletini: A spicy Fermented Apple Mix- The tase of apple pie-without the sugar. This tart mixer made from lacto-fermented farmed apples is a perfect complement to a woodsy gin, the secret ingredient for your shaken Martini, or the backbone to a delicious Spritz when paired with sparkling wine.
  • Mint and Basil Smash: A hybrid of a Mojito and a Basil Smash is finally possible with this ultra fresh concentrate of mint, basil, and citrus balanced by delicate tones of anise. The perfect way to add vibrancy and colour to your cocktails and mocktails!
  • Kimchi Caesar: Up the ante on your classic Caesar. The ultimate umami mixer, made with kimchi juice, tomato and a vegan bonito. A splash of this concentrate in your favourite clear liquor will spice up your happy hour!
  • 1 x 5mL Forest bitter: Made to fit with all 3 mixers, it brings your to a Nordic forest with its warm, magical aromas of evergreen trees and wild roots. The ideal partner for cold winter nights, as well as for gin and clear spirits.
3/4 OZ

3/4 OZ is a Montreal company that specializes in the production of high-end concentrated syrups. They offer an alternative to commercial drinks, with a fresh taste and little sugar products for making cocktails.