BESIDE Magazine - nº13
BESIDE Magazine - nº13

BESIDE Magazine - nº13

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In this issue, BESIDE explores the ways in which our home extends beyond its walls and takes root in the communities and environments of which we are a part.

  • 160 pages
  • Paper made from 100% post-consumer fiber
  • Published November 3, 2022
  • Made in Montreal
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What is a home?

Home can be a comfortable place to live, a familiar landscape, the smell of a favorite dish, but it's more than just where we come from or where we live. It's also a shared desire for deeper roots, a nourishing life and a greater sense of belonging.


Founded in Montreal in 2016, BESIDE is a platform for the development of editorial content that stands at the crossroads of nature and culture. The bi-annual magazine publishes personal essays, stories from the field and ideas that help us find our place in the world.