Candle 08 - Citrus + Sage
Candle 08 - Citrus + Sage

Candle 08 - Citrus + Sage


Crackling candle with a fragrance of citrus + sage; our personal favorite.

  • Soy wax - 8 oz
  • Wooden wick
  • 100% plant-based
  • Handmade in Quebec
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Shorten the wick to about ¼" before each use (break off the burned end or use a nail clipper). This prevents the flame from getting too high and will maximize its duration.


The nine fragrances of the Flambette company are available in a range of wellbeing products. Marie-Michelle and Tanya, the founders of Flambette, offer a collection that is entirely handmade and composed of natural ingredients known for their exceptional quality.