Recently, we had the chance to collaborate with the girls of the famous Club Sexu, this interactive platform dedicated to talking about sexuality in all its forms in an inclusive, uncomplicated and open way!

For the launch of the first edition of their "St-Valencul" party, they needed Quebec-made clothes on which to print the work of two artists they particularly like, with their screenprinter Simon from BangBang. In order, the work of the artist Tyran Trieu on our white "Charles" long-sleeve shirt, and the work of David "Lebicar" Bicari on the grey "Charles" long-sleeve shirt.

1st edition of the evening: Saint-Valencul!

During the evening that took place on February 13th, we had the chance to chat with Geneviève Bergeron & Maude Huysmans, the founders, to learn more about the foundation of the Club. We sum it all up below!

First of all, it is through their wise eyes and their sense of aesthetics that these two designers, a graphic designer and an environmentalist, charmed us. While browsing their various web platforms, we were challenged by this new specialized medium that seeks to demystify an important subject: sex education.

The initial observation was rather frightening. Clearly, the few hours of sex education we received during our elementary and high school years are not enough to form the adults of tomorrow. Geneviève Bergeron points out that since we are not taught everything we want to know in school and that scientific knowledge is often not accessible, when we have questions about sex, we go and ask a person we think we trust, refer to porn, or ask Google.

The problem is that this information is mostly unreliable, unattractive or simply not adapted to our needs. The founders say that talking more about pleasures, identities, relationships and fantasies is also important; it reaches more people and it allows to progressively advocate behaviors that are healthier and more enjoyable.

This is why design is at the heart of all the projects of Geneviève, Maude and their collaborators. It's also what sets them apart from other organizations and companies working in the field. In short, OUT to all the all-too-familiar images of porn sites, highway sex shops or outdated STI prevention campaigns! IN to a little warmth, kindness, diversity and eroticism to the popular image of sexuality.

And above all, we are inclusive. Geneviève explains that for Club Sexu, it is a duty to make room for the diversity of genders, sexual orientations, relationship forms, bodies and ethnocultural origins that are not sufficiently represented in popular sexual imagery.

Positive, playful and inclusive

"For us, the medium is what determines the accessibility of the message. Mastering visual communications, space planning and game design allows us to reach a larger and broader audience. We firmly believe that one cannot be effective without the other, and vice versa. Our philosophy is to combine the expertise of communications specialists with that of sexology specialists. By working as a multidisciplinary team, we ensure that the content we produce is relevant, popularized and interesting."
- Geneviève Bergeron, cofondatrice.

The question is simple: how, through an attractive medium, is it possible to create interest in this type of content, which is considered sensitive or even taboo? It is through an original website and a colorful and uncomplicated presence on social networks that Club Sexu expresses itself and gets people talking. By prioritizing a playful approach, we allow ourselves to attract the public and to slip educational content into a sleek and attractive format. It goes to show that learning while having fun is not impossible.

Club Sexu is a multi-platform presence, a tempting visual and tasty photographs, crude and teasing sentences that stay "stuck" in the head, testimonies that surprise and make you think, special events that are both disinhibiting and fun! But also tools, speakers and scientific references that will allow us to set up exhibitions and screenings. All this for the pure pleasure of talking about butts, but especially to do justice and put forward the issues related to our sexual health.

Client: Le Club Sexu
Speakers: Geneviève Bergeron & Maude Huysmans
Location: Café Larue et Fils
Photographer: Drowster
Textile printing: Atelier BangBang

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