The Zoo Ecomuseum wanted to develop a line of derivative products made entirely in Quebec.

In keeping with our values and interests, the partnership was a natural fit, enabling us to showcase Quebec's wildlife on quality products with a minimalist, contemporary design.

Above, Pika, the river otter rescued from the fur trade and the inspiration for the merchandise.

Zoo Ecomuseum showcases Quebec's wildlife in an enchanting natural setting. They are dedicated to the welfare of animals that cannot return to the wild, either because they have permanent injuries, have been found orphaned, or were born under human care. Thus, the zoo provides them with a safe, loving, permanent home for the rest of their lives.

In addition to animal welfare, the zoo's mission focuses on environmental education and wildlife conservation in the wild.

It's the only outdoor zoo on the island of Montreal, and the only zoological institution to focus exclusively on Quebec wildlife. Here, animals always have the choice of being visible or not: their living areas reflect their natural habitat as closely as possible to promote their well-being.

Among the most popular residents are Timothea, the three-legged fox, Pika, the river otter rescued from the fur trade, and Jimmy, the golden eagle whose story is so compelling.

We're not going to lie to you, we had a blast with the project! We had the chance to meet the animals during a private tour led by Émilie Sénécale, Director of Communications. It was touching and important for us to get a feel for the work the zoo puts in!

"The collaboration with C'est beau unfolded organically. They understood our needs and we felt their interest and involvement in the animal cause, which charmed us all! The quality of the product doesn't lie, and our ethically aware and eco-responsible clientele greatly appreciated it!" - Émilie Sénécale

Customer: Zoo Ecomuseum
Consultant: Émilie Sénécale
Location: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
Photographer: Drowster

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