Mastermind of the World Wild Web, we have been working with Deux Huit Huit for almost 6 years. Working together to upgrade our website and rebranding was a natural fit.

THE MANDATE: to help us reach a generation that, like us, actually gives a f*ck!

A good challenge in an era where many companies are riding the wave of eco-responsibility without sharing the values. #greenwashing.

After a few ZOOM sessions, our two teams were so excited to work together that we decided to make a little collab to make this webtonic friendship official (we have the trademark on this new word :))

For the more technical and non-textile version of this collab, we invite you to go and see the case study... The thinking of those who really worked during our meetings haha!

The case study: Coming soon
Webtonic friendship: Deux Huit Huit X C'est beau
Photographer: Deux Huit Huit & Drowster

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