Produced in-house, the podcast A Conversation with Drowster features exchanges between documentary photographer Drowster and dedicated people from and serving Quebec culture.
S01 E01 - Zach Zoya

Zach Zoya is a Quebec singer from Rouyn-Noranda. In 2019, he signed with US label UMG for the release of his debut single "Superficial", which was a hit on streaming platforms. Since then, he has released several other singles and EPs. Zach Zoya is renowned for his innovative musical style, expressive voice and lyrics that reflect his life experiences.

Best known for his engaging portraits taken in Quebec, Asia and the Middle East, Drowster has been a collaborator and close friend of C'est beau since the very beginning. Sharing the same desire to democratize Quebec know-how, it was only natural for C'est beau to produce the podcast directly in its Montreal boutique.

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Host/director: Drowster
Art director: Rosalie Deschênes-Grégoire
Graphic designer: Rosalie Deschênes-Grégoire
Technical director: Gabriel J. Pelletier
Cameraman/editor/colorist: Gabriel J. Pelletier
Production manager: Alex Guay-Bastien
Production: C'est beau

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