Last March, we had the privilege of collaborating with the talented Quebec singer-songwriter Matt Holubowski to create his own merch collection for the release of his latest album, Like Flowers on a Molten Lawn.

For the occasion, Matt welcomed us to his studio in the heart of Mile-End. We chatted about everything from travel and daily life to the release of his album and the realities of being an artist.

Being a musician in Quebec presents challenges and moments of precariousness. That's why we discussed the crucial importance of promotional clothing in the local music industry.

Merchandise is a way of creating a concrete link with your audience, reinforcing your artistic identity and, of course, generating additional revenue.

Fun fact: Even before launching his own merch, Matt was a loyal customer of C'est beau!

Matt was determined to offer his public a quality product that reflected his values and was made right here in Quebec, with illustrations by artist Valéry Lemay .

To support the artist, you can purchase his complete collection directly on his website HERE.

Artist: Matt Holubowski
Illustration (merch): Valéry Lemay
Location: Matt's studio in Mile-End
Editor: Camille Blackburn
Photographer: Drowster

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