To start the new year in an enriching way, we had the pleasure of meeting David Dworkind and Guillaume Ménard, two entrepreneurs we greatly admire, as much for their innovative ideas as for their peaceful approach to everyday life.

Their lifestyle is naturally reflected in their simple, uncluttered wardrobes. Long-time friends, they founded MRDK, or Ménard Dworkind, a local company dedicated to design and architecture.

In each of their creations, they experiment with new materials and processes. They began by showing us one of their magnificent projects, the Attitude boutique on Saint-Denis, due to open in 2023.

The invigorating, refreshing atmosphere shows both their love of nature and their deep respect for people.

They chatted to us about a wide range of fascinating topics, including their trips, interests, passions, crafts and know-how. David and Guillaume met through social networking. Today, they're a fiery team!

Then we met up at Casavant restaurant in Villeray, also opening in 2023. The name of this French-Montreal brasserie is inspired by the grandmother of one of the four co-owners, Matisse Deslauriers.

The warm, surrealism-inspired ambience immediately captivated us, not least thanks to the singularity of the accessories. The duo excel in creating strikingly designed restaurants such as Tiramisu, 425F and Ryu Peel.

If you're in the area, don't miss the delicious menu at Le Casavant. Guillaume recommends the fresh scallops, but for David, nothing beats the pureed sausages, which are a must-try!

Boutique ATTITUDE (Montreal, QC)
Restaurant Casavant (Montreal, QC)
Speakers: Guillaume and David from MRDK

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