We are honoured to be the official 2024 partner of the non-profit organization Earth Day for the creation of their annual t-shirt. All proceeds from this initiative will go towards the planting of trees as part of the Tomorrow's forest!

On April 22, for over 50 years, Earth Day has been a global event for raising awareness and taking action in favor of the environment. For the 2024 edition, the NPO wishes to highlight sustainable mobility. Alternatives to the car exist, and it's time to put them forward!

"For Earth Day, we'll pedal, we'll walk, we'll run... even after the bus, but we'll leave the car alone!"

Each year, an Earth Day T-shirt is created in collaboration with a local company. This year, they chose to make it with us!

Being a carbon-negative business since 2021, we're dedicated to designing eco-responsible products from recycled and organic materials, right here in Canada. Sustainable mobility is also a fundamental value for us, which is why we offer all our employees free public transport!

Designed by Giuseppe Arcuri, our graphic designer, the skateboarding earth is a nod to the early days of C'est beau, the brainchild of Raphaël Ricard, who gave a second life to recycled skates. (see the beginnings here)

Join us in this mission and together, let's make our Earth a more beautiful and sustainable place for future generations.

T-Shirt: To buy the T-Shirt it's right here!
NPO: Earth Day Canada
Illustration: Giuseppe
Model: Judith
Photographer: Giuseppe

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