Produced in our offices, the podcast A Conversation with Drowster podcast features exchanges between documentary photographer Drowster and dedicated individuals from and serving Quebec culture.

Best known for his engaging portraits taken in Quebec, Asia and the Middle East, Drowster has been a collaborator and close friend of C'est beau since the very beginning. Sharing the same desire to democratize Quebec's know-how, it was only natural for C'est beau to produce the podcast directly in its Montreal offices.

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Presented by: Bonjour Québec
Host & director: Drowster
Guillaume Laprise & Raphaël Ricard
Cameraman & editor: Philip Rouleau
Assistant editor:
Renaud Jacob
Motion designer: Charles Desmarais
Post-production supervisor: Camille Blackburn
Studio coordinator: LĂ©onie Hottote
Production: C'est beau

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