We were lucky enough to make the clothing for the new project Bandit Nature, a media outlet promoting natural wines. The art of David "Lebicar" Bicari on the sweaters made in Quebec by C'est beau, was according to Renaud (Founder), a perfect and balanced blend.

Bandit Nature

This project, like its wines, came about very naturally. As a lover of natural wines himself, the idea was in the back of his mind, and it was during a drunken-confined evening that he decided it would be a good idea to share his tastes with the public and other wine lovers.

In the form of a short 5@7, Renaud welcomed us into his home to discuss his project and vision over a good natural wine. The discussion continued at Lapin Pressé to mark the launch and unveiling of his C'est beau merchandise, accompanied by a few friends...and of course, another good natural wine.

Through his page and his forum, Renaud hopes to demystify this universe that can seem complex, share his favorites and highlight local products. He wants to encourage people to appreciate quality wines and share pleasant moments around a good bottle, with friends, as a couple, in the evening, in the afternoon, whenever.

"If I can pass on my passion to just one person, it will be mission accomplished!" - Renaud Blanchet

Over the past year, we've all been forced, or at least encouraged, to buy local. He confides that it seemed logical to him to associate natural and local products with C'est beau to make his promotional clothing, given the local vision and valorization of know-how from the very beginning.

We suggest you follow the development of this new project, which is sure to make you discover and re-discover natural wines to enhance your evenings.

Our customer: Bandit Nature
Contributor: Renaud Blanchet
Location: Villeray + Lapin Pressé
Photographer: Maxime Brisset

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