If you didn't know it already, Elena is a friendly pizzeria established since 2018 in the beautiful Saint-Henri neighborhood that is undeniably worth a visit.

It is the work of Marley Sniatowsky, Ryan Gray, Emma Cardarelli and Ivy Studio that makes it as much an architectural as a culinary favorite!

The restaurant owners wanted to find a location where Elena would be an integral part of the social environment. That's why they decided to move to Notre-Dame Street West at the corner of Yamaska Street in the Saint-Henri district. Taking place in a corner in transition symbolizes the owners' innovative thinking.

"The name Elena comes from our friend Elena Pantaleoni (La Stoppa). She is very inspiring and there is something about her hospitality and her person in general that is really touching."
- Tastet

Elena's menu is a collaboration between Janice Tiefenbach and Emma Cardarelli. On the menu are a few antipasti, three salads, fresh pasta, Neapolitan pizzas, meat, fish and two sides; all homemade with seasonal ingredients.

Following Elena's philosophy, all dishes are designed to be shared!

To accompany these quality dishes, there is a great selection of natural wines designed by Ryan Gray, highlighting Italian natural wines.

This multi-faceted company democratizes homegrown know-how with honest and accessible prices while keeping a classic Italian tradition. Elena tweeks classic Italian recipes by introducing quality, seasonal Quebec products. Thus, there is both a real sense of terroir combined with Italian inspiration. This is what Montreal is all about; adapting a recipe from another culture to its own reality!

In the restaurant business, Elena stands out for its funky merchandise. The owners like to work with their artist friends or screenprinters to develop colorful visuals of their own.

We were excited to provide our t-shirt as a canvas to combine their friends' art with the printing by The Letter Bet. By doing so, Elena offers a product that promotes local businesses and ethical consumption. The best of both worlds. :)

Client: Elena
Location: Saint-Henri, Montreal
Photographer: Drowster

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