For the launch of the wine and spirits project Charlevoyou, we had the chance to collaborate with the Migneron family in the creation of their clothing.

The Famille Migneron is a family business working in the agricultural sector mainly known for its artisanal fine cheeses. We admire them for their great know-how and their family values.

This is why we gave our little brother, C'est beau studio, the mandate to document this collaboration by creating a video portrait of the company and its values, while presenting our corporate offer service..

We accompanied C'est beau studio for a long weekend in the Charlevoix region in order to talk to them, visit their facilities, taste their products, drink their good spirits and even attend the harvest.

"Here, you come in, and we're the kind of people who'll give you a beer and make you sit around the fire, not open the big doors to the vineyard." - Madeleine

Customer: Charlevoyou
Location: Charlevoix
Video: C'est beau studio
Photographer: Christophe Lavigne

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