Any time is a good time to stop by Mitch Deli!

In addition to the inevitable fried chicken sandwich, delicious falafel with toppings and the iconic pickle and Quebec vegetable salad, this gourmet address, recently opened on Beaubien Street, also offers a variety of comfort food takeaways, the Délices de Francine, as well as a wide selection of certified organic wine.

On top of all that, you'll be able to pick up a t-shirt, crewneck, cap and/or tote bag in the image of the colorful snack bar, all made on our canvases!

Maxime Gagné, chef co-owner, and his partner Yann Charbonney take the environment seriously, which is why they pay particular attention to the selection of the foods on their menu. Most of it is grown locally and organically.

We were lucky enough to enjoy an excellent dinner there recently. The warm, funky atmosphere made us feel like we were eating at a friend's house... if our friends were super-talented chefs!

With their personalized, attentive service, one thing's for sure: we highly recommend you go there right away!

Customer: Mitch Deli
Location: Restaurant Mitch Deli
Editor: Léonie Hottote
Photographer: Drowster

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