In early 2020, we had the chance to work with none other than the Vinvinvin teases. Using our Quebec-made basics and our screenprinting service, we helped bring to life Jean Jus, the emblem of the place, brilliantly illustrated by the talented Catherine Potvin.

When you think about it, it was obvious that natural wine and organic cotton would make a good combination!

Le vinvinvin

A Northern wine bar in Rosemont La-Petite-Patrie, the Beaubien Street address vitalizes the neighborhood in addition to offering a colorful and professional alternative to wine lovers. With our offices nearby, it was around lunchtime and with a dry throat that we went to meet Nikolas Da Fonseca, sommelier and partner of the establishment, to discuss wine. The three "wines" symbolize the three people involved: those who make it, those who serve it and those who drink it.

"A varied and truly delicious offer of "living" northern climate wines".
- Tastet

On the kitchen side, a menu elaborated by Marina De Figueiredo was waiting for us to accompany the tasteful liquid over a good local and seasonal food. In short, all the ingredients to make this place the ideal place for dates, evenings with friends and the famous everlasting happy hour.

Demystifying natural, organic and biodynamic wine

Designed by Nikolas Da Fonseca and Ward & Associates, the wine list offers a multitude of natural products that are "good" for the environment as well as for the people who consume them. Organic and biodynamic wines from Quebec, Ontario and Central European countries.

Organic wine has officially existed since 2012. Before, it only took into account the viticulture and not the vinification. This approach now requires no synthetic treatments and insecticides in the vineyards and, recently, proposes to reduce inputs during the winemaking process.

Biodynamic wine takes the organic wine approach even further. The winemakers who use this method try to intensify the life of the soil so that there is a better exchange between the earth and the plant. They consider the plant as a whole.

The term "natural wine" refers to estates and winemakers who have decided to work without chemical treatments of the vine and soil and who categorically refuse all types of inputs in the winemaking process, except for sulfur, with rare exceptions.

Anyway, 1h30 later we are late for a phone meeting at the office, oops. With happy eyes and a full belly, we leave saying to ourselves that this is far from being the last time we will see Jean Jus.

Client: vinvinvin
Speakers: Nikolas Da Fonseca & Axelle Dubé
Location: 1290 Beaubien Street E, Montreal, QC H2S 1P9
Photographer: Drowster

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